Christoph Rath | Senior Developer

There will be a new Website soon.

Deep Experience with Typo3, Typoscript, Extension-Development Typo3, Web 2.0 HTML5, CSS3, jQuery jQuery UI, Javascript, PHP, Silverstripe CMS, Flash-Programmierung, Flasher, Flash (AS3), AIR, MPC-Framework, GAIA-Framework, Mediamind (EyeBlaster), swf2exe, ZINC, Content-Management-Systeme, Joomla, Wordpress, Web-Design, Animation, Streaming-Media, Responsive Web Design, Mobile Websites, Responsive Patterns, PHPUnit Tests, Selenium WebTesting, Continuous Integration, Backbone.js Ember.js, Task Runner, Grunt, Bower, Yeoman, Yii (PHP Framework)

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